Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Once more...

Just some more food for thought on the immigration thing...

I would have to say, "I agree."

More irritating than the price of gas. I am generally not the love it or leave it type person. I also know that illegals live a life where they can be working one day and deported the next. They become just another set of hands picking vegetables or working construction. I respect the work they do. They are good people for the most part. But they are still breaking the law.

We won't bend on this issue. American's are one of the most charitable groups in the world, but we don't take kindly to demanding of us. We are a nation made up of immigrants. We fought, cheated, and stole this land. That's the evolutionary chain of civilization. Slaves built the south and a large part of the North. The Chinese built the railroads. The Italians and the Irish, well there was Little Italy and Boston, and the Mob. The point is, that as an immigrant through history in this country, no one had anything handed too them. The first immigrants to the New World were killed by the natives. Life was not easy. It still isn't. Oh, and just to rain a bit more on your parade. If the U.S. Government hasn't apologized for slavery, it will not rollover and just give you what you want. Trust me, we know.


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