Friday, April 07, 2006

Last Orders

So I just finished a movie tonight. More beer and good ole rum and coke. I really like Michael Caine. The characters he plays always make me want to ask their advice on things. Seems like they always know what to say. Well this movie was titled Last Orders. Its a drinking movie. It follows a group of friend fulfilling their friend's last wishes. Watching the movie I couldn't help but feel like all of the characters to some extent. In moments when no one is watching I am free to express the pain that I carry. The longing for someone who understands it, and the understanding from myself that it will make me stronger and not kill me.

This movie made me realize that I try to contain myself instead of living my life. Hopefully this will be a thought I retain tomorrow after I wake up with the hangover. I am somewhat of a free spirit in my thinking. I box myself in an resist all attempts to get me outside of my little cube.

The point of the movie, since I digressed, was that 4 people close to Michael Caine's character relived how he touched their lives. Seemed insignificant at the time. But it wasn't in the end. Its hard saying goodbye to someone we hold dear, but it shows you how much worse it might have been to have never said hello.


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