Friday, April 14, 2006

Food for thought...

Ok, while I do sympathize with someone wanting to come to my country for the chance of a better life, I am starting to get angry over the immigration/entitlement debate going on at the moment. I have worked with many illegal workers, most of them hispanic, doing the same kind of low paying, back breaking work that they do. They usually live in cramped quarters, never learn english, and live daily with the possibility of being snatched from their jobs and sent packing south of the border (where they can start the trip all over). And you know what, I am ok with that. They broke our laws to get here, and that's the risk they run. They are here illegally. You can argue that sending illegals home breaks up families. It may well be. But see when a prisoner escapes and goes home, law enforcement officials usually return him to his 10x6 cell. That affects the family as well. However, if he hadn't of been breaking the know the rest.

That being said, I do not blame someone for wanting to make a better life for themselves; I would do the same thing if I was in their shoes. I do however get pissed by pro-illegal immigration groups and their sense of entitlement. Their message is that the U.S. can't function without them. My first thought is, these groups are somewhat ill-informed on how the U.S. came to be. First off, we are all fucking immigrants. Most of us are hardworking. The only non-hardworking ones I see are: a) enjoying the government welfare system for generations. b) performing some glamorous but low impact reality show-type work. c) spending the day protesting about 'entitlement'. If you don't think we can function without you, take an economics lesson. I'd study supply and demand first and then capitalism. See we can hire someone else. That's the way it works here. There will always be someone who wants to work and is damn happy to do it, minus the aforementioned a), b), and c). So watch out, because they might take those jobs from you that you say we (the citizens) are too good to do.

If you win the 'lottery', as an African friend of mine calls it, and get to come to the U.S. working towards a green card and eventual permanent status, I say welcome. You are on the road to a life that should be better than where you come from. Oh and don't mind CNN or FOX news, it really isn't as dangerous here as it looks. But to those of you who come here illegally and want to bitch about what you should be entitled to because you're here, realize that you are really starting to piss us off. Who are we? The ones who can vote, pay taxes, and wield actual political leverage in this country.

Signed -- The real people that keep the U.S. running


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