Friday, June 23, 2006

Not drinking yet...

Why is it that when I set the alarm for an hour nap that I wake up over 3 hours later? Watching Oh Brother Where Art Thou? and not drinking on a Friday night. Maybe later. I wonder if it is too early to plan my friends bachelor party in Atlanta for next year. Personally I'm not a super fan of them, because they tend to become drinking competitions. At least the ones I have been too. Have some ideas. Don't want this to end up like some porno shoot. Something classy would be better. Any ideas?


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous rsn said...

Best Bachelor parties that I pulled off were actually not big ole porno affairs. Instead, we went to an arcade/go-cart racing/bar type place and set the groom up with a tab and as much beer as we could pour into him that he would tolerate and just had a blast driving gocarts recklessly then off on some huge stand up shooting game and other stuff.

The groomsmen had a blast, we didn't feel like we HAD to hit on the strippers, and the wife was much more pleased with the whole affair.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Two Foot Onion said...

That's a pretty good idea. Hmmm, wonder if we could throw some paintball in there. Or maybe that would be just too dangerous for us old guys after drinking. I'd prefer to do something non-traditional especially in the event that there is someone who is uncomfortable with a strip club. Thanks for the ideas.


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