Saturday, May 27, 2006

Always stay on the path...

Ok, so I sprained my ankle this week and have slowly been nursing myself back to walking normally. I have been walking the path near my house and decided today to let the dog play in the water. Well there is a large crossing through the creek near my house and I walked down there to let him cool off. Slightly up the creek I could see a sandbar type area that looked like a better place to take the dog, so I headed for it. So here I am walking with the dog through this trail and I see a bike sitting off to the side. No real thought about it. I'm in the middle of the burbs. Its summer. Some kid probably left it and is playing with his buds. I continue walking down the trail and I can see the sandbar in the creek. It was a nice spot to play too. But as I turn a corner to come onto the creek bank I look up and my dog is about 5 feet from a teenage couple in the middle of a serious makeout session. Wasn't expecting to see that. Maybe a few squirrels playing with there nuts or even a deer, but not that. I never broke stride, about faced, said "sorry kids," as I walked off. Trying to excuse myself as quickly as possible. Fortunately they had their backs to me, well she did, and I couldn't see his face. So that's probably for the best. Anyway, I'll be staying on the trail until mating season is over.


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