Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bang On!!! Elephant & Castle Pub, D.C.

So I went with some friends to the Elephant & Castle Pub near the Ronald Reagan Building and the Federal Triangle Metro Stop. First impression, it felt a bit nicer and upscale than I am used to. I do prefer darkened holes in the wall where I can discretely enjoy a Miller High Life when I am of the mind. Although my tastes do run the gamut from the 'Champagne of Beers' to my favorite breakfast drink, Guinness. E&C had a good beer selection. My favorite was Young's Chocolate Stout. Apparently an acquired taste, but I liked it.

I have actually been to this pub twice so far, but I don't see it as a normal, 'lets do happy hour kind of place.' If I worked near it, that would probably change. I can however recommend the hot wings. Make sure you get them extra hot, which in this case is 'white people' hot. Spicy and tangy, but not much to make you sweat. But even still with the lack of heat, these wings tasted great.

The E&C does have the distinction of being 2 blocks from G.W.'s house. So its a good place to hit after walking the mall or seeing some museums.

My only issue with the type of bar is that there are so many like it already. That Irish/British/Scottish Public House thing has been done so much around here that they tend to run together.

Overall, I would say its a decent bar. My experiences with the wait staff and bartenders have been very good. It's so hard to get good customer service in this area. I am still trying to see if that is a cultural issue or simply that people pay less attention to the details here. We will see.

So Bang On!!! And try the fish and chips w/cod.


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