Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Biting the dust...

I just read a story over at BBC.com that made reference to a Kazakhstan opposition leader, Altynbek Sarsenbayev, who was found dead in his car along with his driver and bodyguard. I know what you are saying, "Who gives a shit about some dead guy in Kazakhstan?", and you're right. Most people don't give a shit, but I was bored and haven't read enough about the 'stans lately. Back to the article. They were all dead in this guys car. Lead poisoning... Apparently Brita filters are in short supply. Anywho. The article goes on to mention another opposition leader who apparently committed suicide last November by shooting himself in the chest twice and then finishing himself off with a shot to the head. That's some tough shooting. Whatever happened to sight alignment, sight picture. I can understanding double tapping an intruder in the chest to drop him. But double tapping yourself? Talk about sticking with your training. Oh and Mr. Doubletap died just a few days before he was to run against the incumbent in Kazakhstan's presidential election. The incumbent, who also won the election, was nice enough to send a card of condolence for Mr. Dtap's family.


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